I have been following Alan Frost (https://alanfrostphotography.com) for some time.  Alan is a British black and white photographer and posts both interesting images and commentary.  I was recently looking at some old images that were taken on a brief trip to Great Britain and Alan’s work inspired me to post some of them.


This is “Shambles” an historic York street that is noted for its overhanging buildings and unique shops.  During the day it is clogged with tourists. In order to make this photo I got up at 4 on a rainy morning, set up my camera in the middle of the street and waited for 20 minutes for an auto parked at the far end to leave.


Ruins of St. May’s Abbey, York.


Cemetery near St. Mary’s Abbey, York.


Fence detail, York.3NegScan135

Market, York.

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  1. Alan Frost

    Thanks for mentioning me in your latest entry – how kind of you. It’s many years (probably 20 or more) since I visited York. It’s a beautiful city and I do hope to return one day. I particularly like the “Shambles” picture, and admire you for getting up so early! Thanks again Skip. Alan

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