Long Things/ Tall Things


As you may have seen on my website (skipsmithphotography.com), I have tried several different paths with my photography, exploring a variety of techniques and ways of looking.   A very accomplished photographer, Mark Vercammen, shared some of his in camera sequences that I found fascinating. They certainly got me to look at things differently and led to some different work.

I hand hold the camera so the photos are not in perfect alignment and overlap or gaps between frames are common. Spaces between frames were left as they were. Final prints are made digitally because they are large. For example Multnomah Falls is a single print 5 feet tall. Mail Boxes was printed the same way but the individual frames can also be mounted on blocks and the piece is presented as a heptatych.

Smith - Multnoma Falls - FINAL

Multnomah Falls

Mailboxes - SilverEfex Sepia Coffee 8 23percent

Mail Boxes

Tall Dead Tree 1 - half-frame 35mm scan

Burnt Tree

powerpole 2

Telephone Pole

For those that like technical details, the photos here were made using old half 35 mm frame cameras. I used Ilford 3200 film and Rodinal developer to emphasize grain.   “Long Things / Tall Things” could easily be assembled in Photoshop, however, I feel a much greater sense of artistic accomplishment by doing it Mark’s way.



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  1. Linda Wong Garl

    Amazing….makes me think of ways to apply it to my sewing and fiber ideas….
    Thanks for inspiring me to think more out of the box….which is one of my favorite things to do…
    And why I can’t sleep at night…sometimes impossible to turn off the brain!!!! So, much better than when I was teaching….would spend the night “thinking” and the kids would finally figure out when I came up with my ideas, “Mrs. Garl did you think of this project in the middle of the night!” Thanks so much for sharing your talent….

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