Year End

I am winding down my first year of posting on my blog (I started in early April, 2015).  I have posted every Tuesday since then with two exceptions, one when I hit the wrong key and published a day early, and once when I was out of town and posted on Wednesday instead.  For someone as disorganized as I am this is close to a miracle!  I am going to finish the year with a couple of Eastern Washington posts.  I have been preparing for a portfolio review in Portland and decided to share some things in that portfolio that either you have not seen before or there is more that I want to say.


Railroad Yard, Davenport

This photo was on my Facebook page a while back but many of you may not have seen it.  I spent a nice February day in Davenport, WA and found this rather classic image right on the edge of town.  It has all of the elements of a dry land wheat town: large grain elevator complex serviced by railroad, evidence of a welcomed wetter than average winter, railroad ties that look like an irregular picket fence and pretty sky.

13x19 Adams & 8th

Davenport also has a large number of 4 Corners that caught my eye.  8th street had interest on nearly every intersection.  I was particularly intrigued by the use of the tall stump of a Douglas Fir as a platform for a children’s play area complete with slide on the north west corner.

Just one block south of Adams is Jefferson which is parallel to the railroad complex. The south west corner has a large metal building that is associated with the grain elevators while the other three corners have homes that show little agreement in architecture or care.

Water Tower, Davenport

This portfolio is printed full page on 13 X 19 paper.

More from the 4 Corners (Neighborhoods) and Small Towns portfolio next week.

2 thoughts on “Year End

  1. Congratultions from Buenos Aires on a year of fabulous posts! You know how much I love the grain elevator/reflection/railway yard image, the first one, but I’ll say it publicly now. That one ROCKS! As do you, Mr Skippy!

  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging, Skip! I’ve read and enjoyed every post, even if I’m not a frequent commenter.

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