Last week I introduced you to a couple of people that I met in Waterville; today I will share a few photos from there.  I don’t have much to say and will let them speak for themselves.

Note that the bottom two ‘corners’ still have piles of snow on April 1st.  Quite unusual for this time of year for a place that gets about one half inch of precipitation less than Tucson, AZ.




Dr. Pierce

The Office

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  1. Martha McCormack

    I have unique memories of Waterville and the many hours spent in the county courthouse, which was like a movie set out of To Kill a Mockingbird. Thanks for your photos, which stimulated some internal reminiscing. Thanks for the spacious break. Now, back to work.

  2. Beth Baylin

    What an outpost in the middle nowhere! But, it is somewhere and it has water and wheat and it looks like some very nice people too. Once again you have captured the isolation and the beauty of this unique landscape as well as the buildings that have risen upon it.

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