Grand Coulee Farm

Grand Coulee Dam (below) and the Columbia Basin Project were designed to provide irrigation for 1,100,000 acres.  Phase 1 irrigates about 670,000 acres, the other 400,000 acres of phase 2 have never received their water and constitute the ‘hardscrabble’ wheat country I have been documenting in the majority of my eastern  WA posts.

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A rich variety of crops are produced and communities do well where there is irrigation.


Where water is available (there is always a lot of sun) crops grow quickly.  The photo below was taken from the same point about 6 weeks after the one above!


Runoff water is gathered in a vast network of ditches and returned to the Columbia River laden with fertilizers and pesticides and heat.

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  1. I just put your Coulee Farm photograph onto my desktop screensaver. I love the field, hills, and then the wide open clouded sky. Now I look at it every day and take in a deep breath when I do.
    Thanks Skip.

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