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I have submitted 10 tree photos for the October exhibit at Brackenwood Gallery, Langley, WA.  Therefore, I decided to present some ‘Words Behind the Image’ for a few of them that you probably have not seen before.


Magpie Nest

The tree with an exposed magpie nest stands isolated in a huge field near Mansfield, WA.  I parked on a farm road and took the first exposure from a great distance which emphasized the isolation of the tree but told nothing of its character.  I continued to take its portrait as I walked closer which resulted in a very cinematic series.  It wasn’t until I got closer that the nest added just the right element.


Feral Fruit

This fruit tree appears to be a remnant of a long abandoned orchard.  The lower branches are probably pruned by deer. White blossoms,  a shadowed road cut and rolling hills all come together to make a pleasing portrait.


Feral Fruit

I have photographed this tree several times.  It is just outside of Dayton, WA on the top of a road cut which allows me to get a different perspective than usual and eliminates unwanted background.  It is not a special tree and I don’t know what kind it is (which is not unusual).  Even though it is not large or grand, it has a special presence.


Langley Ivy

This tree sits on a right angle curve so that as you approach it, it dominates the view.  In wintertime as it extends over the road before leaves appeared its structure is in plain view. It has an odd shape for a tree until you get close enough to realize that it is being engulfed by the ivy.    Not long after I took this picture the owners released the tree from the suffocating ivy but now my urge to photograph it is gone.

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