Southern Italy 2

Last week I left you in Matera, after which we traveled to Paesteum.  Paestum was founded by the Greeks between 500 and 600 B.C. and is the site of best preserved Greek ruins in existence.


Hera 2 Temple, Paestum


Temple of Athena, Paestum

Our next major stop was on the Amalfi coast where we stayed in Positano.  If there is one place in Italy where I would not drive this is it!  We had to abandon our bus outside of town and transfer to small vans because roads are so narrow, traffic is so bad and tourists are walking everywhere.  The coastline here is beautiful with towering cliffs and clear blue seas, but we found it a bit too crowded with tourists (ok like us) and trinkets.  We did, however, take a water taxi to Amalfi where we spent a pleasurable day touring an old water powered paper making plant and wandering the main street that winds up through the bottom of the canyon.


Amalfi Cliffs




From the Amalfi coast we went to Sorrento on the beautiful blue Bay of Naples.  Although it too is extremely touristy we were able to find great restaurants, interesting neighborhoods that lacked traffic, fantastic views of water and Mt. Vesuvius, and quiet areas for relaxing.




Our last stop was in loud, crazy Naples.  I was too tired and hot to really photograph any more, but it was a fantastic trip.



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  1. Don

    eccellente! Your photos are of a place seemingly out of the past; before the hordes of tourists that often crowd out any scenic views by jostling to take snapshots with their cell phones (real cameras don’t have ring tones). These images feel as if you had the whole place to yourself!

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