Ritzville 5, More Upstairs

First let me fix an error in last weeks post where I incorrectly associated the Ballroom spaces with the Orris Dorman Building.  The ballroom and other spaces that I included are on the second floor of the old German American Bank Building and that building now houses an active bank and other businesses.   Today’s photographs were all taken in or from that same space.

Main St. was taken from the corner office which used to be the office of a local judge.  I seldom have opportunity to photograph from this perspective but hope to do so more often.


Main St. Ritzville




“Green Room”


Top of the Stairs


2 thoughts on “Ritzville 5, More Upstairs

  1. “Top of the Stairs” is my favorite in this collection — the bannister, stairs, window, light, and walls. Both calming and haunting.

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