Ritzville 4 Upstairs

Recently I was allowed to photograph in the space above the Orris Dorman Building on Main Street in Ritzville.  Upstairs there is a grand ballroom and the remains of various offices.  This entire space is being lovingly restored by local volunteers.  The ground floor has been used as a saloon and real estate office but now appears to be vacant.  I was able to take a few photographs in the upper floor earlier that appeared in Ritzville 2 posted on August 10, 2015.  I hope that I have the opportunity to follow the progress of the restoration.

I used only available light which meant long exposures.  No wonder tripods are considered by many as the most important of photographic tools.











Ballroom Details

American Red Cross Office



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  1. Dennis R Chamberlain

    Skip; Just clarification…The first floor has been used for many things over the years but now houses a Bank, an Extension Office/Learning center, and an Engineers Office….Not vacant…

    Great Photos Thank You

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