Photogram 1

Photograms or Rayograms as they are sometimes called, have been around since not long after photography was invented.  No camera is involved with photograms.  Rather an object(s) is placed on a piece of light sensitive paper and then exposed to light.  If normal photographic paper (i.e. negative paper) is used then a light image is created on a black background.  However, if a positive paper is used then a dark image is created on a white background.  If that positive paper is developed in lith developer warm tones may be produced with interesting results.

Etching 18


Etching 14


Etching 10


Etching 15


So, with a few thin strips of torn paper, old leaves and grasses, and coffee grounds and you can play in the darkroom for days.  For a different series of photograms visit the photogram gallery on my website.

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  1. Linda Wong Garl

    Very cool….series would be great on a wall….
    Do you and Pat rotate your art in your house?
    Wow….lucky Pat to have an in house artist!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your talent…
    Happy Holidays!

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