New Year

I am not sure whether this is the last post of my first year or the first post of my second year. Regardless thanks for sticking with me. I just returned from an eastern Washington trip and want to share two things from Waterville, a new town for me.

I met Joanie and Ed while searching for a spot for lunch. It had been a long winter and Joanie was taking the opportunity to catch a few rays. Her chair was placed in the middle of the sidewalk in the heart of town. Pedestrians shuffled into the street to get around her but offered no objections. We chatted for a while. They made sure that I understood that they were both widowed but now together. Ed proclaimed proudly that he was enjoying a cigarette and a diet coke. Joanie’s drink was sequestered (secreted?) in a large drink cup and appeared to be a beer.

This 4 Corner was taken in the center of town two doors down from Joanie and Ed’s perch. The old Douglas County Bank building in the upper left still bore its proud name, on the side was a brass plaque proclaiming it to be Law Offices of…, then neatly painted above the door was a sign proclaiming it to be an art gallery.  Alas, now it is vacant with an accompanying for Sale sign.  There were no street signs. I asked a woman of about my age if she knew their names. She paused and pondered and then looked for signs. She was stumped and had to admit that she didn’t know. She also confessed that she had lived in town for over 50 years and always gave directions by saying, ”Go past the old Smith place, turn left at the corner with the vacant lot, its on the right” or something to that effect. I love everyone that I met in Waterville.

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