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In 2012 we returned to Italy for a tour to the southern part of the peninsula.  Prior to the tour we spent a week exploring north of Rome and visited some well known and some not so well know areas.  Rome was our starting point for both legs of the journey.  I find Rome rather overwhelming, as I do most large metropolitan areas, and my photos are less than inspiring.


Gladiator with cellphone

We rented a car in Orvieto a hill town and spent a couple of days acclimating to time,  temperature and up and down walks.  I have some walking problems and was advised by my shoe specialist to watch how old women walked up hill in heels.  They do quite well rolling their foot from back to front.  I tried this gait and found it helpful.  I wrote a postcard to my advisor thanking him and telling him that rolling my foot was working well but that I still had trouble with high heels.




Courtyard Tree, Orvieto

From Orvieto we drove to Assisi.


View from our room, Assisi

Below Asissi, IT

View from the ‘back’ side of Assisi

After Assisi we drove to stay with friends in Anghiari, which is charming and non-touristy.


Anghiari store front


Outer wall, Anghiari

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