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I am trying to get back in the swing of posting to my blog but having a difficult time.  My energy of late is going to creating a book of my Wheat Country photographs.  I have finally decided to make a series of individually bound Signatures, most of which will center on one or two of the towns that I have explored.  I will talk about these more later.

Here are a few rather unrelated photos from this spring.

I don’t know what these giant bee hive shaped structures are used for, presumably storage of some kind of grain.  They add to the variety of structures I have found.  I hope to learn more about them.


I started to explore the irrigated region of the Columbia Basin Project where agriculture is vastly different from the ‘hardscrabble’ wheat country.  One thing that caught my eye is several large feed lots.  Hundreds if not thousands of cattle crammed into large fields with little room to move.  There are no trees in the lots and only a few small structures that provide some shade.


I made my first visit to Pomeroy, which is a small town that deserves more of my attention.  I was there on a Sunday morning and pretty much had the place to myself.  I photographed the Garfield County Courthouse and an interesting 4 Corners.  Most entertaining was watching the local policeman lurk on side streets waiting to pounce on speeders down the main drag.  He added mightily to the town coffers in the short time I was there.


I can not find the name of this coulee, in fact it may well be named a gulch.  Regardless, it shows the layered of basalt flows well.

This is about the only photo that I kept from my visit to the Lind Wheat Combine Demolition Derby.  The attendees where often more interesting than the festivities, but a great time was had by all.

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  1. Nick Lyle

    I haven’t been to a demo derby since the ’70s. I regret not taking a camera to the dirt-track stock-car races from that era, which featured giant ether-flames blasting out of the modified exhaust pipes. I look forward to seeing your book.

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