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This weeks post is a little different, alright A LOT DIFFERENT.  Recently I was in Everett, WA and after dropping my wife off at the train station had time for some photography.  I had stopped to work on the Snohomish County Courthouse (a project I will mention in some future post).  Finished with the courthouse, I turned around and saw two homeless women sitting next to my car.  We chatted and they consented to having their pictures taken.  Their names Key Key and Elaine.  Key Key survives by pan handling and over the top flattery which works.  She got money out of me!  I promised that I would send them photos, which I did.  I also enclosed a self addressed stamped envelope and asked them to write me.  Here are the back of the envelope and the enclosed letter.   Key Key is on the left.  While Key Key chattered continuously Elaine said nothing.  She spent the entire time trying to roll a cigarette and as far as I know never did finish it.




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  1. Martha McCormack

    Wow. Photographer begins the gradual slide into ethnography. Wow. This is unbelievably rich. And lucky also, I’d say. If you get to see her a second time, and her friend is beside her, I’m going to bet she’ll talk. First time was a sniff-out, with Key Key as the lead. You are a lucky man, is all I gotta say.

  2. ed severinghaus

    What a wonderful testament to your ability and willingness to be open to whatever.
    I envy you that; I doubt if I would have ever given them a second glance.
    I especially love Key Key’s note on the back of the envelope; what a sweet comment
    on your behavior.

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