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View North from Casa Caponetti

Here are more in my “Photos While Traveling” basket. In 2004 we took a grand self-guided tour around northern Italy. We spent a week at a cooking school/farm near Tuscania, visited friends that live in Anghiari, and stayed on the shores of two very large and scenic lakes. All presented a plethora of travel photos and a few good ones.


Tuscania, a few kilometers east of Casa Caponetti

We landed in Rome and spent a few days with the madding crowd and then moved to Casa Caponetti for a week at their farm/cooking school – just the two of us. Mornings were spent cooking with Laura, mid-day we ate what we cooked, and afternoons we were treated to personal tours by Laura’s husband Georgio. I didn’t learn much about cooking but did hone my already prodigious overeating skills and developed an appreciation for the local table wines. The farm and its idyllic setting provided many photographic opportunities.


Our Room  &  The Driveway

Our host, Georgio drove the world’s dirtiest car, which was incongruous because he was a very neat and fastidious man.  His comment, “If you live on a dusty road you drive a dusty car, your feet are dirty but your mind [spirit] is clean.”


Caponetti Olive Orchard

We cooked with copious quantities of olive oil, which was made right on their farm.  Laura always had a gallon jug at her disposal.  We made a wide variety of of meals.  Most memorable to me were the caponata (a kind of egg plant relish), ravioli, and deep fried zucchini flowers. I also enjoyed a limoncello and nocino a green walnut liquor, both made with 95% alcohol!


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  1. Mardi Hardwick

    It was your enthusiasm that made Science a personal and meaningful experience. I’ve only had two professors who genuinely admired the Greats who stood before them and it is amazing how well those conversations have stayed with me.

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