Good Bye Holga

It is a sad time. One more of our analog photographic tools is gone.  Freestyle Photo – the sole U.S. importer – has recently announced that there will be no more Holgas  The Chinese company that made these inexpensive cameras has closed.  Holgas are all plastic including the lens, have almost no controls and frequently fall apart or have light leaks. They all require careful taping and a sense of adventure.  They caught the eye and fancy of many photographers and have been used  for several years.  Books have been written about them and exhibits curated to show the creative ways they have been used.  Two of my friends that are Holga masters are Lorraine Healy and John Holmgren.




Gondole by Lorraine Healy


Big Boy by Lorraine Healy

More of Lorraine’s work may be seen at  She is also the author of “Tricks With A Plastic Wonder”, an eBook manual on the Holga camera which is available at Amazon.com



Holga Pan by John Holmgren

John’s work includes a variety of photographic and printmaking techniques.  More of John’s work may be seen at


Fish Market, Napflio, GR by Skip Smith

I will post more of my Holga work next week and there is also a gallery of Holga photos on my website.

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