Fooling Around

I have been playing around with a different look for some of my landscape photos, especially those with dramatic skies.

This was taken along Highway 2 near Waterville, WA.  Look closely at the horizon and you can see snow in the distant Cascade Mountains.  I have not had a chance to print any of these and am sure that they are rather too dark but it does add to the drama.  As soon as my ink arrives I will see how they look.

The photo above is the skyline of Davenport, WA.  On this day the sky was not particularly dramatic but the early morning light is.

Any feed back will be appreciated.  Thanks,  Skip

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  1. Beth Baylin

    Skip, Glad to hear you are playing around! I love the dark, dramatic skies and the more abstract landscapes. The element of the sky adds an energy to the photos. I am often struck by the stillness many of your landscapes evoke. They have a timeless quality. These recent photos are different. I can almost feel the air as I look at them.
    Keep playing!

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