Eastern WA Superwide

I have started to work with a super wide angle lens (Hasselblad SWC) and have a few results to share today.  There is some learning to do but the potential for interesting results with a new perspective are great.


Fiery Sky


Gas Station, Washtucna

I have photographed, spent time with the locals in Sonny’s Tavern, and generally just ‘hung out’ in Washtucna for the last three years.  I have never seen anyone in this obviously well maintained station.  When I turned around from the gas station this is what I saw.


Grain Elevators, Washtucna


Nascent Tumble Weeds, Washtucna Coulee

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  1. Yes, Mr Skippy, once you get the hang of this, you’ll get some great images… Are you kidding??? How much more awesome do you want them to get???? 😉

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