By Request

I have had a number of requests for more posts (one is a number!)  I recently took a short trip to Lind to see the Combine Destruction Derby.  It is a great event and draws thousands of people to this small town.  A great time is had by all.  I had hopes of some fun photographs but did not get anything worth sharing at the event itself.  I did, however finally get inside Slims.


You have seen this exterior shot before.  This time Slim’s was open and filled with party goers. I found a lady sitting on her motorcycle being ignored by most of the celebrants.


The weather was clement (I love that word), clouds beautiful, wheat was lush and fields ranged from deep green to yellow to brown.




I ran into a few areas where irrigation was possible west of Lind.  The clouds and giant sprinklers are mesmerizing.


Happy 4th of July!

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