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First I want to refer you to a great series that my good friend Lorraine Healy is doing.  She is an outstandingt photographer and poet and I think that you will really enjoy her work.  Take a look,

Thank you all that have written that you would like to see more posts and asked about my book project.

I like looking at photographs in books for a variety of reasons. You can take your time, they are tactile (you can put your finger on the page even if it has jam on it), and you can hold them. I am also aware that it is extremely unlikely that any publisher is going to accept my work no matter how hard I try – as the saying goes, “I have been turned down more times than a bedspread.” So the solution is to create a book that I can print and bind myself at a reasonable (?) price. In short, I have decided to break a large project into small pieces that may be called signatures. My eastern Washington project will consist of between 9 and 10 signatures each individually bound.  Following are the pages for Kahlotus.

Title Page:


Page three (4 Corners) will be overlaid with a transparent page that has a century old Plat Map of Kahlotus.



Sample page:

The last page contains a listing of photo titles and notes.

Each signature contains between 5 and 13 photographs.

Printing is done on double sided Moab Entrada  Rag.  The cover is a heavy sheet of hand made Cave Paper.

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  1. Ruth

    Thanks for sharing this and so glad you are moving forward on your own terms! Your work is so crisp and clear. My favorite image is the one on the sample page. The lines and structure of the buildings with the clouds coming over the top give me a feeling of freedom and space.

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