The ‘LongThings/TallThings’ series are made by sequencing a series of pictures in camera. I visualize a long or tall object and attempt to photograph it the way my eyes see it which is actually in a bunch of quick glimpses.

When we are relatively close to a large object we cannot see it all at once, rather we look at it piecemeal and then assemble it in our minds. Here, then, I am imitating the eye.

Looking at things this way allows us to see details that would not be possible if we were far enough away to incorporate the whole thing at once, which would be the same effect we often achieve with a wide angle lens.

I use a half frame 35 mm camera, Ilford 3200 film and develop in Rodinal to emphasize grain. The negatives are scanned and printed digitally. Some of the photographs are greatly enlarged, for example Multnomah Falls is about 5 feet tall. Several of the photos are printed as individual frames (Mailboxes, Aqueduct, and Grand Coulee Dam). They are presented as a series of tiles, each about 5 X 7 inches.