OOPS! Italy 2004 Again


Sun Reflection, Lago di Garda

While traveling my whole outlook is influenced by what I call the ‘amazo effect’. Food and drink taste better than they might at home, small, crowded rooms are ‘part of the experience’ and all of the people are fascinating. My eye is also skewed by these wonderful situations. Snapshots remind me of our ‘amazo experiences’ and I appreciate those memories, but distilling out photos that capture more than the tourist memories are what I am seeking as a photographer.


Lago di Garda 1

This post includes more Italy photos from 2004. We jump to the north of Tuscany to Lago di Garda and vicinity.  At Lago di Garda we were able to watch a storm approach and pass over us as it crossed the lake while we sat in comfort on our balcony with a good bottle of wine and local bread and cheese. The next morning we had an hour or so of the most beautiful light and atmosphere that I have seen.


Lago di Garda 2


Lago di Garda 3

In the afternoon we went to nearby Parco Giardino Sigurta. It is about 150 acres of huge lawns, great trees, and beautiful ponds. We rented bicycles and rode for hours, had a picnic and stopped frequently for photos.




Three from Parco Giardino Sigurta

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