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I was invited to submit a few photos to the annual spring Garden Show at Museo Gallery.  Here are a few of the things that I am considering.  They are primarily from various travels and do not constitute a specific series.


This grouping of trees and grasses was taken in the Japanese Garden in Seattle.  Light on the foliage was interesting that day and all of my photos appeared to be taken with infrared film but they were not.


Villa Reale is one of two gardens we visited north of Lucca, Italy.  These gardens were quite large but many areas suffered from a lack of attention.  Some of the buildings were crumbling and many of the gardens were unattended and sorely in need of water.  It was obvious that the custodians were trying hard but lacked the financial support to return this villa to its days of glory.

Grapeswith Flowers IT

Villa Reale.  The interior of this building was in ruins but the immediate surroundings were glorious.


Villa Torrigiani, north of Lucca, Italy.  These gardens were very formal and obviously very well maintained.  We were given a tour through the villa itself and allowed to wander throughout the vast estate.


Villa Torrigiani.

This was taken with a Holga camera and mimics the way I felt after a long, hot, but very delightful day in Villa Torrigiani.

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  1. Linda Wong Garl

    Love each picture for different reasons…indeed very formal~! Wonder what they would think of my very organic looking garden! A little bit of this and that and the survival of the fittest!

    A breath of fresh air after all this wind, rain and power outages!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work!

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