County Courthouses

While working in eastern Washington I got the urge to start photographing county courthouses, god knows why!  Now I am in pursuit of the headquarters buildings for all Washington’s 39 counties.  Photo books are already available that are well done and in color, but all I can say is that as yet there is no Skip Smith book in toned black and white.  So the quest is on.  Many are grand old structures, stately, and quite lovely.   Some are modern, and although completely functional I presume, don’t distinguish themselves from the myriad of other modern buildings surrounding them.  Some no longer call themselves courthouses.  And I have found a few that appear to have been designed by an architect that specialized in strip malls.

Here are a few.

Grant Co. Courthouse, Ephrata, WA

Skagit Co. Courthouse, Mt. Vernon, WA

Cowlitz Co. Hall of Justice, Kelso, WA

This is the closest thing I could find to a county courthouse.

Douglas Co. Courthouse, Waterville, WA

I have more but I am not quite half done with the project.

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    1. Skip Smith

      There are lots more as I said. I would love to hear the stories they could tell. Unfortunately I have not gotten people to talk to me as they are entering or leaving. Perhaps old court records or newspapers are a potential source.

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